Assistant Thana Education Officer Circular 2023 [See Now Updated Result]

Hello there! 😊 Good news for aspiring candidates! The Assistant Thana Education Officer (ATEO) job circular for 2023 is out now! Let's dive into the important details together. 📝

Assistant Thana Education Officer Circular 2023

 📚 Assistant Thana Education Officer Circular 2023 🌟

Here's what you need to know:

📅 Written Exam Date and Seat Plan:

Get ready for the ATEO written exam! 📚 The exam will be held in August 2023. Make sure to check the seat plan, which will be announced prior to the exam date.

🔍 ATEO Exam Result:

After the written exam, you'll eagerly await the ATEO exam result. 📋 The possible date for the announcement of the written MCQ result is September 2023. Stay tuned!

💼 Job Circular and Recruitment:

The Assistant Thana/Upazila Education Officer Job Circular 2023 offers an excellent opportunity for career growth. 🎉 There are more than 144 posts available for recruitment. Here's the breakdown:

- 50% of the posts are reserved for departmental employees.

- The other 50% are for freedom fighters and individuals from small ethnic (NRI) groups.

🖥️ Job Application Process:

To apply for the ATEO job, you must submit your application online. 📝 The last date to apply is July 31, 2023. Visit the official websites or to fill out the BPSC Form-5 under the non-cadre option. Remember to complete the payment of the application fee, which is 500 taka, through mobile SMS.

📚 Meaning of Departmental Applicant:

Wondering who can be considered a departmental applicant for the ATEO post? It includes all Government Primary School Teachers. If you're a primary school teacher, you're eligible for one of the 72 posts designated for departmental candidates.

📝 Preliminary Written Test and Exam Result:

To move forward in the selection process, you must pass the written test. The written test result will be published on the BPSC website. If you are among the primary selected applicants, you will be called for a VIVA exam. Don't forget to download your admit card from the BPSC website. The same admit card will be applicable for the VIVA test.

What does "Departmental Applicant" mean? 

There are 72 job positions available for people within the department. But who can apply for these jobs? Any teacher working in a government primary school can be considered a departmental applicant.

⏳ Age Limitation:

The age limit for the ATEO post is as follows:

  • - 32 years for freedom fighter quota applicants
  • - 45 years for departmental candidates
  • - 30 years for small NRI group applicants

Age calculations should be based on 1st July 2015.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? 🚀 Make sure to fulfill the eligibility criteria and complete the online registration process through the provided websites. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Good luck with your application and the upcoming MCQ exam! 🤞✨

Assistant Thana Education Officer Circular 2023 [See Now]

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